Hair-Liss offers the latest keratin Treatment that straightens your hair without damaging it and keeps it shiny and healthy. The keratin Treatment, Intelligent Brush, contains softening agents, humidifiers, antioxidants and vitamins that intensely nourish your hair and provides it with a deep conditioning, softness, better texture and less volume. The keratin Treatment leaves the hair looking straight, well taken care of, and removes frizz. Our Keratin Treatment comes in four different scents: Chocolate, Strawberry, Marine Algae, and Light.

We offer our professional hair services in Miami, Florida including the keratin Treatment. Call Us Now at (786) 343-0296 or (786) 970-7530 to make your appointment to get the keratin Treatment.


Hair-Liss also offers trainings in South Florida in which our staff will teach you how to apply the Keratin Treatment. For more information, please contact us at View all of your professional line.

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