None of our products contain any formaldehyde.

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Hair-Liss - Professional Line ®

The solution for chemically treated, fuzzy, rebel, and curly and wavy hair
EI success and impact of products Liss Professional Hair-Line ®, which flared in Brazil, it certainly was the deciding factor for it to create its professional line to promote the soft hair straightening Hair-Liss Escova Smart.

Q-Hair with relaxations of sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate and colors can use the Blowout / Keratin Treatment?

A- Can be done in any type of hair: bleached, with lights, colored, with relaxation, with a final brush (ammonium), Japanese Hair Straightening and permanent. Compatible with any type of chemical. It must follow within 7 days between each application (Relaxation x Keratin treatment x application of color)

Q. I have curly hair. What are going to be the results from the Keratin treatment application?

A. In the first application will note a high degree of smoothness, hydration and softness, with fairly significant reduction in the volume of hair. EI degree of smoothing depends on the texture, type and number of times you use Keratin Treatment. One to two times is enough for a good result: shiny hair, smooth and silky, with well treated and look extremely natural. For very curly hair, a relaxation is needed before to get a smooth result up to 100%.

Q- Can I do the Keratin Treatment after coloring my hair?

A- No.  Is recommend to do so only 7 days after you have done the treatment.

Q-The Keratin Treatment has any contraindications?

Q- Can be used in which type of hair?

A- The product has no contraindications. Can be used in any type of hair. It is not recommended by the FDA applied to pregnant women or nursing, infants and children under 14 years.

Q-How long the Keratin Treatment stays in the hair?

A- May last a period of 3 to 4 months as long as was done in compliance with all the steps correctly and use proper maintenance kit.

Q. After the first application, when should I have the Keratin Treatment done again?

A- According to the type of hair, can be made monthly. If deemed necessary, make a new application within 15 days if hair is very resistant and dry. For other applications within 30 days must be respected.

Q- How long the hair smooth effect with the Keratin Treatment?

A. The phase of treatment lasts on average 90 days and the effect lasts smooth according the number of washes and products used in maintenance.

We recommend using the maintenance kit --

Q-Who should has to do the application of the product?

A- The product has to be aplied with technical procedures, this is the reason because is recommended only professionals stylists do this application.

Q-What are the in my hair hair done with the Keratin Treatment?

A- Recuperation of the texture of your hair, thereby giving the hair a natural moisture, softness, shine and silkiness, volume control and relaxed hair without frizz.

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