For the treatment of keratin, first wash the hair with step 1 deep cleaning shampoo. Then proceeded to dry 100% of it with the dryer, and then separate it into sections and go to apply for step 2 treatment of keratin or intelligent brush in the same way that you place a colored dye. At this stage it is important to seal and cauterize the keratin in hair to revitalize the strands. To obtain this result, the dryer has to be used to penetrate the keratin and then an iron from 420 to 450 degrees ceramic seal that will ensure the product on each strand. When you complete this procedure, you must rest keratin treatment for 1 hour** . After waiting the specified time, it should only be applied to wet hair mask step 3 or intelligent mask, silicone-based and amino acids, which is allowed to sit for a few minutes, remove with water and proceed to a drying ordinary with the dryer, with the difference that this time you will notice that it is much faster than before. In many cases, after treatment with keratin, may wear their hair natural, no need for drying. This effect lasts three months and recommended that, occasionally, dry with hair dryer and iron after shampooing, to maintain the effect of keratin working all the time.

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